Karen Murtagh



Do you want to be both stronger and more flexible-  to experience a more limber and calmer version of yourself?

Yoga, the art of mind-body connection, can be done by everybody at any age.  No matter your body type, experience, religion, life philosophy or lack thereof, yoga can improve your self-understanding, your health and even your relationships!

In many ways, yoga is something we naturally do – at some point in your class, you might think “I’ve done this before or I’ve felt this way before!”.  And, you probably have…especially when you were a child or in a very aligned, blissful moment.  Yoga moves your body in ways that releases tension and restores its original fluidity, letting go of the tightness and resistance you’ve acquired. Connecting the mind, the breath and the body allows the mind to release tension and let go of worries.

No two people are the same and we all start yoga as we are (no matter our flexibility or physical endurance) and develop our practice (our selves) from there.  Come as you are and enjoy being who you are.  Some of my classes have a more serious bent while others are lighter, a bit more fun.  Our lives are an evolution and so is our yoga practice.  Sometimes we need quiet and depth and other times we need to lighten up and not take ourselves so seriously.

“May all beings find happiness, may all be free of disease, may all see what is auspicious, may no one suffer, OM peace, peace, peace.”

Arthur -Home Studio

  • See classes page for classes during the week at the Home Studio in Arthur

Introduction to Yoga, a 3-week course.  This course is for anyone is has never done yoga before OR who wants more knowledge about the bigger picture of yoga.  We cover a little bit of history and are introduced to the various styles of yoga.  We will practice the more common poses so that when you go to a class you will have an idea what is being done.  And, we will discuss what might be a good style for your goals and various teachers and classes in the area.    1 person = $99 / 2 people = $60 each / 3 people = $40 each.

PICK YOUR OWN TIME, BRING YOUR FRIENDS!!!!  We have a small studio here so if you want a class time that is not on the schedule currently, there is the possibility of setting your own time by bringing your friends.

Fergus – Melville Church and Victoria Park Centre

  • See classes page for classes during the week in Fergus

If you have any questions, please feel contact me.  I would love to speak with you.  The depth of the practice is up to you.  I will always offer modifications for poses and encourage each person to work at their own pace.  That may be to ease off and modify postures some days or to challenge yourself other days.  I am happy to welcome you to my classes.

Classes described by a student:

low-key, relaxing yet by the end of the session, we feel like we’ve had a good work out.

Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga:

Gentle Yoga is great for those new to yoga but also for those who, like me, prefer a calmer style of yoga.  Movement first to warm up the body and then postures are held for short periods only.  A lot is done on the mat on the floor with some standing postures.  You’d be surprised how much the body responds with time and ease!

Chair Yoga:

Chair Yoga surprises me every time with how it is both accessible and yet also can allow us to deepen into postures because of the support of the chair.  We put our chair on our yoga mat so its stable and we start with seated warm-ups, move to standing postures and back to the chair.  No getting up from and down to the floor.  Some lovely stretches and breathing practices to keep our joints mobile, our muscles strong and our circulation moving.

Slow Style Yoga:

This class is an interesting mix of Gentle, Intermediate and Relaxation.  We move “Slowly” and hold postures longer with a focus on building “Strength” in the body and the breath and the mind!  Still, its not power yoga and its not about achieving…anything.  Its about staying present in the moment, even if the moment is a bit uncomfortable.  You can determine the length of the hold (its not boot camp!).  I want to give you time to really explore each posture and experience the affects of each hold without rushing you onto the next thing.

Active Yoga:

A great chance to shake off tension and gain energy to bring back to the rest of your day!  We begin with standing warm-ups, sun salutation series and standing postures.  We will move to floor postures to sink deeply into stretch and then cool off as we ease towards final relaxation.  In this practice, our warm-ups tend towards movement and we layer complexity onto the warm-ups with deeper postures.  We end each class with a few minutes of shavasana (or final relaxation).

Yoga for Healthy Joints:

This class is done with the use of the Chair but with a focus on our Joints.  The hour long version adds more Chair Yoga towards the end with standard hatha yoga poses.  For the most part, in either the 45-minute version or the hour-long, we move our joints in specific ways to increase our range of motion, build strength in their supporting muscles and ligaments and discuss ways to increase joint health from a yogic & ayurvedic perspective.  This class has a lighter bent to it with a bit of a structure of movement with weekly add-ons and changes to keep our practice fresh.  Session in Progress for the Spring but you can jump in for the Summer session at Victoria Park Centre.

Yoga for Relaxation:

Ahhhh!!!  Un-wind.  Familiar poses, great stretches and a little strength building but all done in a super relaxed format.  Here is an idea!  Take your time.  Doesn’t that sound great?  Relax.  No pressure, no hurry, no performance required.  Just be.   We have dimly lit lighting and turn the heat up so the room is warm.  The goal here is to allow ourselves to pause, rest and prepare for a good night’s sleep.  (Please bring a towel and a mat).

Yoga Health Series “Ayurveda”:

Each week, a group of us will meet to learn about how to incorporate Yoga Health Practices into our daily routines.  Our first class will focus on the exploration of the main elements in Ayurveda – ether, wind, fire, water and earth.  After that we will discuss and learn about daily routines (called “dinacharya”).  Each class will include some lecture, discussion and homework.  Homework will be the incorporating of one or two Yoga Health Practices each week.  No judgement if you don’t do your homework but there is an accountability element to the series.  I am also accountable to the group to be practicing my daily routines 🙂  We’ll be doing this together!  Some things may be easy to incorporate while others may not.  No worries.  We figure out our Minimum Daily Dinacharya that works best for us.

Tips for practicing yoga

  • Do not eat a heavy meal for at least two hours before class.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing to allow for freedom of movement and comfort.
  • Please avoid wearing heavily perfumed products to class.
  • If you need to leave early, please do so before we enter final relaxation (savasana).
  • Please honor the practice as well as your body – do not force postures.  Pain is not part of yoga.  There is no benefit to trying to force your body to do more than it is ready to do.  As well, some days we can be tired or feeling more quiet than other days.  Honor where you are today.  That also includes allowing yourself to challenge your limits when appropriate.
  • No two people are alike – this is your practice.  We meet as a group but your attention is on your own experience.
  • Remember:  Yoga is a Practice, not a Performance