Karen Murtagh


Workshops on Zoom! 6-8 participants

Introduction to Ayurveda 1 Hour each week for 12 weeks $80 – Jan Feb & March 2021 (full)

Ayurveda, or Knowledge of Life, is the ancient health system of India.  Its principles are entirely relevant to your life today and more importantly, to your health and longevity.  Come learn some more about this sister science to Yoga.

After we learn the principles of Ayurveda as a system, we can focus on how to implement what we’ve learned into “as-needed” wellness tools and simple daily practices.

Self Hand and Foot Massage 1 Hour $10

Personally, I’d love someone to rub my hands and feet everyday.  So far no one is offering BUT we can get loads of benefit from doing our own hands and feet either as a weekly session or as a little bit here and there as needed.  We’ll learn simple techniques and add-ons like using warm oils and essential oils.