Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda

PLEASE NOTE:  I am not seeing clients for approximately 6 months (April-September 2019) due to moving temporarily before moving more permanently.  Please check back September 2019.  Thank you!

Do you know that stress is the #1 underlying cause of most diseases?  Our bodies cannot recover daily when we are holding tension, when we don’t sleep well and when we don’t have time out. Taking time out for yourself is not self-indulgent -it is absolutely necessary for your health.

REFLEXOLOGY   –  $60 for 50 minutes

Your session includes soaking your feet, or cleansing your feet with with a warm or cool wipe depending on the time of year, essential oils, and hot toe stones at the end of the session with your feet wrapped in warm towels.  

“I have been going to Karen for reflexology for several years.  There are few people I have met who have special, healing hands, she is one of them.  Her use of essential oils is always a treat.  You know that she is totally focusing on you every time.”  TLC

Deeply relaxing, reflexology works the reflex points in your feet that relate to different parts of your body.  Circulation is improved to facilitate balance within the body and the flow of energy along the nerve pathways is also improved.  You will leave feeling relaxed and yet having a renewed energy.

So important for your health is this relaxed and comfortable state you are in.  This is part of what allows healing to occur.  This is time to let go of stress and worry and to accept the feeling of wellness.  Your feet will definitely thank you!

Benefits:  stress relief, relaxation, improved circulation, relief of pain, encourages the body’s own natural healing process, can boost the immune system and improve the flow of energy.  It almost certainly improves sleep!

*Please wear pants or leggings that can be rolled up comfortably past the knees and drink plenty of water after your treatment to help flush out any toxins released during the treatment.

I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat specific conditions.  This treatment is a combination of massage techniques with acu-pressure to specific points on the feet.  By working these points your body relaxes, circulation improves and your own body’s own healing process is encouraged.

Reflexology is covered under some insurance plans so check yours to see if it is.  I give receipts regardless which may be added to your health care file for income tax.

AROMATHERAPY Massage –  $75 for 60 minutes   

Aromatherapy essential oils may be recommended to use in a diffuser, in your bath, as part of a massage or site specific use.  Essential oils can be used as subtle or powerful shifts in your mood, in your healing, and in aiding physical balances of any illness or imbalance you may be experiencing.

What we put ON the skin is as important as what we put IN our bodies.  Phytotherapy (therapy using plants) is a ancient as it is an up and coming wellness modality.

Aromatherapy Massage uses essential oils mixed in a carrier (vegetable) oil in a sequenced massage.  The techniques are used with gentle pressure in a rhythmic fashion to create a relaxing effect while the specific therapeutic essential oils used to suit your personal needs at the time.

AYURVEDA Massage  –  $75 for 60 minutes

Using either herbal blends or essential oil blends, Ayurvedia Massage is a systematic relaxation massage using techniques specific to your Dosha or your doshic imbalance.  Recommendations for continued benefits are given.  This is a very relaxing style of massage as well as therapeutic.  It is usually recommended that you do not make busy plans for after your massage but rather set it at a time when you can go home and relax (as best as you can).