Karen Murtagh

Melville United Church

300 St. Andrew Street, Fergus  – 

Fall Session – September to December

Please call me at (519) 803-0663 or email me  to register.

Tuesday Mornings 9:00-10:00 Sept 10th – Nov 26th (12 weeks) Gentle Yoga – This is a lovely Gentle yoga class.  We will begin and end in a chair and also we will come to the floor for postures.  This class is great for those new to yoga but also for those wanting a kind and quieter practice.  Please bring a blanket or towel as well as 2 yoga blocks and a yoga mat.  Pre-registration required $96 or Drop-ins welcome $10 each.  (Minimum number required to run.)

Thursday Mornings 9:00-10:30 Sept 12th – Dec 12th – Slow Gentle -Intermediate Yoga Yoga is a purifying, grounding practice that nourishes us on all levels.  We will use classic hatha yoga poses to rediscover and enhance our flexibility, our expansive nature and to build strength and find our center.  Modifications to deepen or lessen the depth of poses will be given.  We will practice various breathing techniques and take time for relaxation.  Enjoy the pauses in life, this is time for you.   (please bring a yoga mat and 2 yoga blocks and a yoga strap or tie). (please note:  seated on the floor, hands&knees, standing and lying on the mat warm-ups and postures in every class).

PRICE:$100 for 10 class package; $60 for 5 class package (one year expiry date from date of purchase). (Drop-in $15)

Friday Mornings9:00-10:30 Sept 13-Dec 13 -Intermediate Yoga  – This class is similar to Thursday mornings but the poses will be held longer with more challenging options and a little more movement within them.  In both standing and rest poses, we take more time.  There is more opportunity in this class than in any other class to ask questions and explore postures that you want to try.  This is both a more challenging class but it ends up being more restful as well.  We move to standing sooner than on Thursdays but enjoy a longer savasana and meditation.  We also do more varied pranayama practices.  

PRICE:$100 for 10 class package; $60 for 5 class package (one year expiry date from date of purchase). (Drop-in $15)