Karen Murtagh

Yoga on Zoom

Due to Covid-19, in person classes have been put on hold.  ZOOM classes will begin July 15th (3 wks) & Aug 4th (4 wks).

Please call me at (519) 803-0663 or email me  to ask any questions.

$40/month pkg ($30/month for July). ~ Tuesday & Thursday Yoga 

Tuesdays & Thursdays – 9:00-10:00 – Slow Yoga -Yoga is a purifying, and grounding practice that nourishes us on all levels.  We will use classic hatha yoga poses to rediscover and enhance our flexibility, our expansive nature and to build strength and find our center.  Modifications to deepen or lessen the depth of poses will be given.   Enjoy the pauses in life, this is time for you.   (Please have a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, a strap or tie and a blanket available). (seated on the floor, hands&knees, standing and lying on the mat warm-ups and postures in every class.) 

For classes with Victoria Park Centre, please call them directly at 1-519-846-9691 x 204 or email Kathryn Morgan at kmorgan@centrewellington.ca

Tuesday Mornings  – Yoga and Movement for Healthy Joints   10:30-11:00 – Seated in a chair and using the chair for standing stretches, this class is suited to everyone and can be as challenging as is right for you.  Movement is key to healthy joints and “right movement” even more so.  Too little, we seize up.  Too much, we can hurt ourselves.  Although we are all doing the same thing… we are working to our own range of motion.  You will increase this range and also strengthen the muscles that support your joints.  All levels.

Wednesday MorningsChair Yoga 11:30-12 Noon – Mix up your day with some nice warm-ups for your joints and stretches for your body!  Getting your circulation moving is good for your entire body and for your mind.  This class is done sitting on a chair and also using the chair for standing postures.  Developing strength, flexibility, and balance without having to go to the floor. All levels.