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Making it Happen or Letting it Happen

This is a dance:  the dance of making it happen or letting it happen.  Sometimes you exert your will to manifest change and that is good.  History is chaulk full of examples of making change!  Sometimes you release into the

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Hot or Cold Water?

Ayurveda is about balancing with opposites.  If you are usually hot, you would balance with cool (not just about temperature) foods and drinks.  If you are cold all the time, you would balance with heating (not just about temperature) foods

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“Changed Back to”

Just about a month ago now, my dog and her friend ran full speed into the side of my leg, fracturing my knee in a couple of places and compressing my shin bone.  Although painful I know it will heal and

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Ayurveda and Isagenix

Ayurveda and Isagenix – are they compatible? Ayurveda generally promotes the use of cooked foods.  Isagenix products use raw foods.  Are these compatible ideas? If you are unwell, building ojas (vitality) or have low agni (digestive power), Ayurveda would recommend eating

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Ways of Eating

Because I love all kinds of transformations…be they health, houses, clothes, hair, gardens, etc….I have been reading up on various ways of eating and looking at how people have healed themselves through food choices. I’ve read about Paleo, Juicing, No

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Junk Food “Treats”

Today I got some fries for a “treat”.   Eating fried foods of any kind really does not sit well with me and I got to thinking how strange it is that we (I) often  “treat” ourselves with junk. How

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Juicing…yum yum!!! I, like a million other people, dabbled in juicing for a few years.  Then, like a million other people, I watched “Sick Fat and Nearly Dead”, a story of two men’s path towards health via juicing.   It

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