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Ways of Eating

Because I love all kinds of transformations…be they health, houses, clothes, hair, gardens, etc….I have been reading up on various ways of eating and looking at how people have healed themselves through food choices. I’ve read about Paleo, Juicing, No

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Yoga on the Mat

When you practice yoga on the mat, you are living out a microcosm of your overall life.  What you do there reflects how you approach your life.  What you learn there you will take with you into the rest of

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Junk Food “Treats”

Today I got some fries for a “treat”.   Eating fried foods of any kind really does not sit well with me and I got to thinking how strange it is that we (I) often  “treat” ourselves with junk. How

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Moving with the Breath

In one of my yoga classes, I will say over and over “move with your breath”. This means more than an inhaling the arms up and exhaling the arms down kind of movement.  It means, let the inhalation move you

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Juicing…yum yum!!! I, like a million other people, dabbled in juicing for a few years.  Then, like a million other people, I watched “Sick Fat and Nearly Dead”, a story of two men’s path towards health via juicing.   It

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