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#3 Tenet of Asana (Poses)

The End #3: Coming out of the Pose Today I’d like to talk about the last part of a pose. It is easy to think that when it is time to coming out of a pose you’re done. In yoga,

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#2 Tenet of Asana (Poses)

The Middle: the Pose. The second tenet, or The Middle, is about what is happening while in your final expression of the pose. The breath will be your guide here. Your job is not to seek deeper expression but to

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#1 Tenet of Asana(Poses)

After years of teaching I have come to a few tenets that I focus on when teaching. Its hard to always go over every one of them in every class, but this forum is perfect for explaining them and for

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Once upon a time I was a single mother of an 8 month old child. I worked full-time, and worked hard at being a good mother, sister, and daughter. I remember a particular winter morning going through the routine of

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The “F” Words

Fear, Flight (or Flee), Fight & Freeze We have had a ton of learning over the past 20 years or so about our Flight/ Fight response to Fear (and stress in general). Yoga Teachers often talk about how we respond

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Being With Feelings

I really don’t like “feelings”. And, what I mean by “feelings” is the hard unpleasant emotional sensations that just don’t feel great. Ugh!!! The ones like sadness, loss, anger, fear…you know, the ones we like to avoid. Feelings like these

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Heavy Foods

Heavy Foods are foods that literally are heavy.  Hot oatmeal, meats, breads, most stews and creamed soups. Good or bad?  Neither, it depends on the person, the time of year and to some extent, even the time of life you

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Making it Happen or Letting it Happen

This is a dance:  the dance of making it happen or letting it happen.  Sometimes you exert your will to manifest change and that is good.  History is chaulk full of examples of making change!  Sometimes you release into the

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What does “Lifestyle” even mean?

In Ayurveda you will hear a lot about Ayurvedic Lifestyle and making sure you are living the right lifestyle for you.   In Claudia Welch’s book, Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life, she says that the three most important things

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Hot or Cold Water?

Ayurveda is about balancing with opposites.  If you are usually hot, you would balance with cool (not just about temperature) foods and drinks.  If you are cold all the time, you would balance with heating (not just about temperature) foods

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