Victoria Park Centre Yoga

150 Albert Street, Fergus

Please call Victoria Park Centre directly at 1-519-846-9691 x 204 (Fall Session) 

Monday Mornings – Chair Yoga 9:30-10:15 – Start your week fresh with some nice warm-ups for your joints and stretches for your body!  Getting your circulation moving and deep breathing is good for your entire body and for your mind.  This class is done sitting on a chair and also using the chair for standing postures.  Developing strength, flexibility, and balance without having to go to the floor. All levels.

Monday Mornings   –  Intermediate Slow Style Yoga  10:40-12:10 – Nourish your soul by giving yourself time to ground, to warm up and to stretch your body without rushing, together with the chance to notice stillness in your day.  This class is an intermediate level class and therefore some yoga experience is required.  We will develop longer holds in standing postures as well as time to enjoy your floor postures.  Pranayama, Relaxation and Meditation complete the practice.

Monday Afternoons – Gentle Stretches and Pranayama  – 12:20-12:50 – Seated on a chair OR on a yoga mat, we will begin with some gentle seated stretches to warm up and then focus on yoga breathing practices (pranayama) for health, ending with some quiet relaxation.  Suitable to all, practicing at your own pace, taking breaks as needed.  Please bring a sweater or blanket in case you feel cooled during the class.

Monday Afternoons – Not Yoga but still Relaxing!  Coloring Circle – 1:00-3:00 – This is a drop-in group at the Centre.  You can come when you want, leave when you want, grab a coffee or tea in the main foyer as you wish.  Relax, just for fun!  $1 each time for members and $2 for non-members.  Supplies are provided or you can bring your own.

Monday Evenings – Relaxation Yoga – 5:00-6:15 – Pause…and breathe.  Relax.  Release tension from your body and your mind.  Stretch without hurrying.  Floor (seated, hands and knees, front and back) along with some standing postures included.  Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and a towel.  (teaching Sept/Oct and Kathy Rodd teaching Nov/Dec)

Tuesday Mornings – Daily Health Habits – 10:30-11:30 – Take your health up a level with daily practices and choices best suited to your body, to the seasons of the year and to your time in life.  This class is based on Ayurvedic health principles based on 5 elements:  Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth and so everything that you can see is made up of a variation of these elements, including you.  There are general daily habits for all but even within those, we can tweak them to suit your own Dosha (or type).  Curious?  Ask me about this!

Tuesday Afternoons – Gentle Yoga with a focus on the Spine 12:10-1:10 – You’re as young as your spine is supple, someone has said.  I don’t know how true that is but I do know that moving the spine in all directions gently is good for your body but also your nervous system.  Gentle movements, deep breathing and relaxation all tell your nervous system that its ok and you can stop releasing stress hormones into your system.  So, there’s that!  But, also it just helps you cope better with your physical daily tasks.  We work the whole body but focus on the spine and back developing strength in the core, the glutes, the muscles of the back and also stretch those and the psoas muscles.

Wednesday Mornings  –  Intermediate Slow Style Yoga – 9:35-10:35–  Begin seated for warm-ups then hands & knees stretches and standing poses leading to some restful stretches and final relaxation.  A moderate class to start the day!  There is a little more movement and a little less rest in this hour class.  Yoga experience required.

Wednesday Mornings  – Yoga for Healthy Joints   10:50-11:50 – Seated in a chair and using the chair for standing stretches, this class is one we’ve been building on for years.  Suited to everyone this class can be as challenging as you want it to be.  Movement is key to healthy joints and “right movement” even more so.  Too little, we seize up.  Too much, we can hurt ourselves.  Although we are all doing the same thing…each time we are working to our own range of motion.  You will increase your range of motion and also strengthen support for your joints.  In this longer Joints Class we do some breathing exercises to facilitate better circulation as well as systematic relaxation around the joints.

Wednesday at Noon Break a Sweat Yoga 12:00-12:45 Break a sweat with a more challenging yoga class.  No “headstands” but we will hold standing poses longer, move more, and push our edge a little.  We have 45-minutes so no sitting around!  We will start standing and focus on postures to build strength then move to the floor for deeper stretches and end with a short relaxation.

Thursdays at Noon – Yoga for Healthy Joints, Gentle  – 12:00-12:45 – – A shorter Joints class, in this one we focus on gentle stretches to increase our range of motion and on strength building poses to develop our balance and stability. Breathing and gentle movements are integral aspects for improving mobility and overall health.  We use a chair for seated warm-ups and for support in standing postures.

Fridays – Floor Yoga – 12:05-12:50 – Ah!  The week is over and this is the yoga class where you get to get down and not get back up again (until the end of the class that is!).  There will be some hands and knees as well as seated movements and laying on our back and on our front poses.  Please bring both a mat and a blanket as the class is done entirely on the mat.  Caution:  you may not want to get up again!